Blogathon 2007 Report

Total money raised for STAR: $333.32

Thanks go to all to my wonderful sponsors: 1phish2phish, nonethewiser, bikergeek, ladymorgaine, daev, spoothbrush, joxzer, eustaciavye, chris_walsh, supremegoddess1, twofiveandseven, snarkypants, chaoticmatter, amethysta, Mom, Bubbe, and an anonymous donor.

More thanks go to Team Venture supporters excursively, mirrored_echo, pseydtonne, and marmota who helped keep us awake, fed, and caffeinated. Also to unofficial Team Venture monitor chaoticmatter and cheerleader chris_walsh. Without these supporters, we would have had a much harder time.

Finally, thanks go out to the rest of Team Venture: shadesong, wired_lizard, mllelaurel, and slipjig. Together, we made it.

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Penultimate Post

Well, this is the next to last post from me. I've had a good time, so far - it's been rough here at the end, but I'm determined to finish. I am proud of myself for accomplishing so much. It's been a big thing - raising the money, staying up day and night, shvitzing in the heat, and acting like a fool - I'm still proud of myself.

But the ones who should be most proud? My wonderful sponsors. Thank you a thousand times, a million times, for your generosity. You've raised over $300 for STAR. You've done wonderful.


slipjig prepared a nice breakfast for Team Venture - marble loaf cake lightly toasted with butter. yendi is now awake and in need of coffee. Team Venture is banned from coffee at this point - it would carry second wind beyond 9:00 am, which would be - um, inconvenient.

I am now doing as well as I can. Frank the Rubber Chicken would like to say hi.

Anna's gone bye-bye. What've you got?

More Lists

Okay, one list. Jobs I have worked.

- telemarketer

- making cold calls for sales reps for a FUNERAL HOME

- pizza lady

- barista

- desk assistant in a dormitory

- volunteer at an art museum

- teaching assistant at my synagogue

That's plenty of work experience, in my book...some of you have known me through all of these, and remember me then. These aren't in order, and certainly not all of them were pleasant. Personally, I think that working with the public is great except for one thing - the public. (See also "This job would be great if it weren't for the !@#$ing customers.")

Okay, not a great post, but it's something, and it'll mark time and space while I come up with something profound and witty.

Right Now...

...I am sitting down with an empty coffee mug and my watch to my left, and a sonic screwdriver and a glass of Sprite to my right.

It's approaching the end of Blogathon, and we've all caught our second wind.

Right now I want to remind readers that there's a grace period of 48 hours to donate to Blogathon after 9:00 am Eastern Time. Sponsor me anytime, and be sure to e-mail me your snail mail address (email it to star DOT barnkitty AT gmail DOT com) so I can send you a thank you note with a surprise.

We're a little wired, and definitely more energized than we would have been alone. Be sure to check out mllelaurel, slipjig, shadesong, and wired_lizard. All of them are doing Blogathon here for good causes.